by Robbie Calvo

Sweet Notes is now available for instant download and on Data-DVD. Click here for details.

I have formulated this course from my years of experience as a guitar student and as an instructor and hope that the knowledge that I have gained on the journey so far will impart some gems of wisdom into the development of your playing. You should know that I will always consider myself to be a perpetual student of the guitar and the writing of these video guitar lessons alone has been invaluable to my development as a musician and guitarist. Thank you for helping me improve what I love to do!

The guitar lessons in this course are applicable to all genres of music and were designed to guide, inspire and stretch the capabilities of the guitarist regardless of playing ability.

The “Sweet Notes” concept in principle is incredibly simple to grasp but will take some time to really master across the whole fretboard. Once you understand and hear the power of approaching guitar improvisation with the Sweet Notes concept you will wonder how you ever got by without it. So without further delay let me explain to you what a “Sweet Notes” is and why you should care!

When we are learning to play lead guitar we are shown scale patterns and told that certain scales work over certain chords and progressions. This is a fabulous starting point but doesn’t really define the most important aspect of improvisation and the chord/scale relationship – the resolution points! For example; playing a G major scale over a G chord is really solid advice. This is usually where we are left to our own devices and end up wondering why the A, C, E and F# notes don’t sound so good when we end a run on those tones. That should work though, right?! The G chord is made up from notes of the G major scale? Well, yes it is, but if you were told however that you could use the G major scale but the best tones to resolve to, or end your licks and phrases on are the notes found in the G chord, G – B – D. This would eliminate years of searching and wondering why certain information just doesn’t add up and why other guitarists that you admire seem to have notes on their guitars that just don’t exist on yours! They exist and I am going to show you some incredible concepts that may just blow your mind!

So, my definition of a “Sweet Notes” is a note that is found in the scale being played and also in the chord that the scale is being played over. The ultimate definition then of a “Sweet Notes” is a ‘Chord Tone’ (a note that is in the chord).

So, the scale tones A – C – E – F# that we mentioned earlier from the G major scale could be considered stepping stones that add flavor to a journey. The chord tones G – B – D could be considered as ‘Home’ and great resting places at the end of a journey.

I can almost guarantee that when you ‘hear’ the “Sweet Notes” approach you will love how it sounds. New options will be opened up to you from scales you already know and you’ll be shocked at why it hadn’t been explained to you before. You will need to put some work into this and possibly break some habits but with some focused energy and some guidance from me, your playing will advance exponentially.

Sweet Notes is now available for instant download and on Data-DVD. Click here for details.