Are you looking to add another bass guitar to your extensive collection? Maybe you are hoping to learn a new instrument and callous up those fingers – either way, you’re going to want to have a look at these 10 bass guitars that are available on Amazon right now.

Sawtooth ST-PB-SGRP EP Series Electric bass Guitar

This is a great starter bass for those who are just dipping their toe in the water, so to speak. It features a pair of P-style ceramic split pickups. One nice thing is the variety in style for a starter. It comes in a few different colors: Satin Black, Surf Green, Trans Purple and Vintage Burst. The Surf Green and Vintage Burst both come in left-handed. 

They are made of basswood in the body but feature a maple neck and fretboard with dot inlays. It’s the basic package, so you’re only getting 1 pickup with only 1 volume and 1 tone knob on the white pearloid pickguard. 

The fretboard has dot inlays, and the strings run down to classic open-gear tuners. The hardware is all chrome. These are perfect for trying the instrument out, or as a gift for someone you think might want to do the same.

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Fender Player Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar

This is a beautiful instrument that looks just like the bass equivalent of the Fender Jazz – Kurt Cobain’s guitar of choice. It comes in Tidepool – sort of a deep teal mixed with slate and features a maple fingerboard. At just shy of a grand, this is not the cheapest bass guitar around, but when you buy a Fender guitar, you are getting the Cadillac, as they say. 

It has a hardtail bridge, and the steel strings fun first over a single-coil pickup and then a split type single-coil pickup before continuing to the fingerboard. This gives the player a little more control over the brightness in their tone and they can back it off if they want to do some aggressive slapping. This gorgeous electric bass guitar also features a body that is made out of alder, with the exaggerated end that the Fender Player Jaguar and Fender Jazz series are known for. Instantly recognizable, this is a staple in any collector’s arsenal.

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Kepohk Electric Bass

This is another option for someone who has maybe gotten all that they could out of a starter bass, and wants to dive in a little deeper. This slickly styled bass guitar is available in a number of colors including mahogany, sunset, red, white, blue and black. 

These feature double humbucker pickups, giving the player a wide degree of tonal control! It has 4 knobs: 1 for volume and 3 for tone, allowing you to get that tone really dialed in for recording or playing live. The body is made out of basswood and this beautiful bass guitar also features a rosewood fretted fingerboard with a dotted inlay. A great all-rounder, right in the pocket for price, performance and aesthetics.

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Fender Player Precision Electric Bass Guitar

This is the backbone, the industry standard, the workhorse of the rock ‘n’ roll world. If the Fender Player Jaguar is the Cadillac, then the Fender Player Precision is the Camaro. This is a quality bass that will get the job done well. It comes in a few colors from black to buttercream, (yes there’s a sunburst option) and features 1 single coil, split type pickup.  It is made out of maple, and comes with the assurance of quality the Fender Precision line carries. This is another staple in the world of bass.

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Yamaha TRBX505 Brick Burst 5 String

Alright here comes another bass beauty. This 5 string from Yamaha is made from Mahogany, and features a true active/passive EQ circuit for unprecedented tonal options. It has an adjustable bridge and 2 YGD H5 Alnico V pickups – double coils. This is a great addition for you expert players who might be looking to try out a 5 string.

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Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

For all you bass players who are stuck in airports or are out on the open road. If your aren’t hung up on traditional styling, this is an amazing little bass guitar that comes in under $400. It has a maple fretboard, though there is also an option for a walnut. 

There is essentially no body to this electric bass guitar. It has a fretboard, strings run over some pickups to a bridge, and that is essentially it. There is a small lap rest that comes down so you can play when sitting. This bass guitar fits inside airline overhead bins when it is in its case that is included.

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Jackson JS Series Spectra JS3V 5-String

OK, for all the metalheads out there, you knew we wouldn’t leave you hanging right? This 5 string from Jackson comes in the ultra-cool Silverburst – sort of a gunmetal grey version of sunburst – it looks rad. It features 2 double coil humbucking pickups so there is plenty of tonal control between those and the 4 tone knobs. The body is Poplar and the neck is maple. Just don’t smash this beautiful bass guitar ok?

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Dean Custom Zone Bass

Alright for all you guys and girls who are as fanatical about hot pink and black as we are – this fluorescent pink bass guitar is a visual showstopper. It comes 10with the basics – 1 single coil split type pickup, 1 volume control and 1 tone knob. This guitar is made of basswood with a maple neck that matches. This would probably make a great gift for someone you know, or it could also add some awesome color to your collection wall.

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Ibanez SR500E Electric Bass Guitar

If neon isn’t your thing – you might love the earthy tones of this exquisitely tasteful mahogany bass guitar from Ibanez. The body is made of Okoume, and features Bartolini BH2 pickups backed by Ibanez custom electronics. These guitars are some of the nicest out there – the Ibanez name speaks for itself.

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Kala U-Bas Satin/Mahogany

Why should the guitarist get to have all the fun at the beach or campfire? If you’re looking for something fun and new to try, check out this acoustic-electric ukulele bass guitar from Kala. It features the natural coloring of the wood of your choice, and is only 35 inches long. 

Perfect for those warm nights around the fire or by the water! At $259.00 it is a great way to add some low end to those sing-alongs this summer.

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