Whether you are new to the electric guitar or have been playing for a while, there are a ton of excellent electric guitars available now on Amazon. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best electric guitars you can buy on Amazon right now; check it out below. 

LyxPro 39″ Electric Telecaster

By far the best value beginners guitar on Amazon, the 39″ reproduction Telecaster from LyxPro offers those just starting out the very best bang for their buck. The guitar features the classic style of a Fender Telecaster and sounds remarkably similar to the original. With a price tag below $100, this one is a no-brainer for those looking to get their very first electric guitar, and even when an upgrade is eventually made, this will still always look great on the wall or hanging in a studio. 

Check it out on Amazon here.

Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s Stratocaster

One of the biggest names in electric guitars, Fender is without a doubt a brand synonymous with a great distinctive sound. All of the best electric guitarists either use a Fender or have used one at some point in their career. From Jimi Hendrix to Steve Vai to Eddie Van Halen, the best of the best have always trusted Fender from their signature sound and super high-quality constructions. Squier is Fender’s entry-level brand and offers the same great sound at a fraction of the price. This classic 70’s Strat is an excellent choice for those starting on their musical journey. 

Check it out on Amazon here.

Grote Semi-Hollow Body

Grote is a newcomer on the scene, but this Chinese guitar manufacturer has undoubtedly made a big impression with music lovers worldwide. Offering an excellent value for money, Grote’s new line of electric guitars offer available Humbucker’s and sound like the big name brand guitars you know and love at a fraction of the price. This Semi-Hollow Body is a sweet example and is sure to be a great fit for beginners and even intermediate guitar players.  

Check it out on Amazon here.

Gretsch G5260T Electromatic

Featuring a solid mahogany body, a maple neck, and a 12″ Laurel fingerboard, the new Electromatic is a top-of-the-line baritone guitar perfect for those who love the rich signature sound that only a Gretsch can provide. The G5260T available on Amazon is a great choice and features dual humbucking pickups, along with 22 jumbo frets and Pearloid Neo-Classic inlays.

Check it out on Amazon here.

ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB

Designed to offer the tone, look, feel, and high-quality construction of a world-class instrument at an affordable price point, the new LTD Deluxe EC-1000VB is well suited for professionals and beginners alike. Featuring a vintage look and locking TOM bridge, along with a tailpiece and Macassar ebony fretboard, the new ESP LTD is well worth picking up on Amazon. 

Check it out on Amazon here.

Jackson JS32 King V

The new King V from Jackson is that go-to flying V guitar. Featuring high-output humbucking pickups, a Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo, Pearloid sharkfin inlays, and sealed die-cast tuners, this is one electric guitar that you shouldn’t miss. In addition, to the epic design and topnotch construction, the guitar also offers a fantastic value, especially when ordered through Amazon. 

Check it out on Amazon here.

Schecter Omen Extreme-6

Boasting a double-cutaway mahogany body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard, the Omen Extreme-6 is a beast of a guitar. With built-in Schecter tuners, diamond plus pickups, and a tune-o-Matic bridge, the guitar offers the kind of features you would easily expect to pay thousands of dollars for with a price tag sub $500. If you are looking to take your sound to the extreme, then you really can’t go wrong with this one. 

Check it out on Amazon here.

Sawtooth ES Relic

The all-new Relic series from Sawtooth has been designed to evoke the story of the guitar that’s been there and done that. With signature wear and tear added during production, the guitar looks like something that’s toured all over the world for the last 50 years. Not to mention that it sounds fantastic as well. With an aged Canadian maple neck, aged sandalwood fretboard, and Alnico V single-coil pickups, this is a guitar that looks well worn but always sounds brand new. 

Check it out on Amazon here.

Ibanez GRG Solid-Body

For those who love metal, there is no better choice than an Ibanez. Long the pioneers in heavy metal electric guitars, Ibanez is the name trusted by all of the heaviest bands around. The all-new GRG series features a solid-body construction, a Bound Purpleheart fretboard, and a Red Sharktooth inlay. Whether you are a complete beginner or the lead guitarist of the biggest Metal band on Earth, you can’t go wrong with the new Ibanez GRG.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Fender Deluxe Telecaster Thinline Pau Ferro Edition

This is it. The cream-of-the-crop. The one and only Fender Telecaster. The Telecaster by Fender is an icon. The number one electric guitar through the ages. Used by everyone from Keith Richards to Jimmy Page, there simply is no rival for the original Tele. Although there are many imitations available offering the superb style of a Telecaster, none of them genuinely deliver the same sound quality as the real deal. The new Thinline Pau Ferro Edition stands out as the best of the best this year and is without a doubt the best electric guitar available on Amazon right now. 

Check it out on Amazon here.


There are so many great electric guitars available on Amazon that it was tough to narrow down this list. Make sure that you check out all of the awesome guitars that are available on Amazon today, and if you still aren’t sure which one to get, then trust your instincts and pick the one that speaks to you. 

Rock on!