Hello there! My name is Nathan, and I am the new Marketing Manager for TrueFire. I am so excited to be a part of this incredible company – it’s my dream job! I’m also a new guitarist. *gasp*

In this post, I wanted to highlight my top 3 late beginner courses for new guitarists. They are working wonders for me in my guitar-playing journey. Maybe they’ll do great for you too!

Time to be honest with you here — I’m not a trained guitarist! I have been playing piano and singing for my whole life, with some composition and lyric writing here and there. Guitar was always my “next instrument to learn” and I kept putting it off. Fast forward to 2022 and now I work for TrueFire… there’s NO excuse. I need to learn how to play, and I can use the TrueFire courses to get to where I want to be.

1. 80 Guitar Chords You MUST Know – Jeff Scheetz

This course has been my BIBLE when it comes to learning basic chords. You can use these chords to play thousands of songs, and for someone like me who needs immediate gratification, I was ALREADY playing some of my favorites after one night of practice. Jeff really knows how to explain these chords in an easy-going way, and it makes sense to virtually anyone. I highly recommend starting here.

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2. Blues Rhythm Guitar for Beginners – Jeff McErlain

I really admire Jeff McErlain’s approach to teaching. You don’t really need to read music and learn theory and do boring exercises to be a sturdy guitar player. In this course, he goes through some easy blues chords, strumming patterns, and riffs – you’ll feel like a seasoned Blues guitarist in no time! If you are a late beginner and love the blues, this course is for YOU!

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3. 30 Beginner Jazz Licks You MUST Know – Fareed Haque

If you’re feeling confident in the chords you’ve learned, I suggest getting jazzy with it and trying out 30 Beginner Jazz Licks You Must Know, taught by Fareed Haque. This fabulous course is giving me an arsenal of jazz licks that I can use to impress my friends and family. These licks can be played over a variety of chord changes and help build some beautiful musical phrases and solos. This will be a challenge, and I am excited to learn all 30.

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And that’s it!

Thank you for checking out my top 3 late beginner courses for musicians who aren’t guitarists yet. I hope this helps you on your journey to becoming a groovy guitarist! You can become an All Access Student and stream all of these courses anytime, 24/7.

p.s. Here’s a blog all about the Course Series we have available on TrueFire. Click here to view!