There’s something magical about sitting around a campfire, surrounded by the warmth of flickering flames and the company of friends and family. What better way to enhance this experience than by strumming along to some timeless campfire songs on your trusty guitar? In this blog, we’ll explore the top 5 campfire songs that are not only crowd-pleasers but also perfect for guitar enthusiasts of all skill levels. Get ready to create unforgettable memories with these classics.

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“Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show

“Wagon Wheel” has become a modern campfire anthem, combining folk and country elements to create a feel-good sing-along. The chords you need to know are G, D, Em, and C.

“Wonderwall” by Oasis

No campfire gathering is complete without someone strumming the opening chords of “Wonderwall.” This iconic 90s song is a favorite among guitar players. The chords for “Wonderwall” are relatively simple, involving Em, G, D, A7sus4, and Cadd9.

“Country Roads” by John Denver

Take your fellow campers on a journey to the West Virginia mountains with the timeless classic “Country Roads.” The chords for this song are G, Em, D, and C.

“Fire and Rain” by James Taylor

For a more mellow and reflective campfire moment, “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor is an excellent choice. The chords include D, A7, Bm, G, and Em.

“Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison

Bring some soulful vibes to the campfire with “Brown Eyed Girl.” This feel-good classic features the chords G, C, D, and Em.


Whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or just starting out, these campfire songs provide the perfect soundtrack for your outdoor gatherings. So, grab your guitar, gather your friends, and let the music flow around the crackling flames. Happy strumming!

RELATED: Learn to play these chords at TrueFire. Get a 14 Day Free Trial of All Access >