Tim Sparks has been redefining the acoustic guitar repertoire since he won the US National Fingerstyle Championship in 1993 with a ground-breaking arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. Since then, Sparks has continued to surprise, challenge, and thrill audiences with his diverse repertoire and stunning technique. Equally at home within the Country Blues, Ragtime, Jazz or World Music genres, Sparks’ extraordinary ability to adapt virtually any music to the solo guitar has earned him an international reputation as one of the most innovative guitarists working today.

Virtuoso acoustic wizard and fingerstyle master, Sparks presents Fingerstyle Roots, Rags & Blues, an insightful exploration of Early Americana Roots music and intensive fingerstyle study program for intermediate and advanced students. Fingerstyle Roots, Rags & Blues covers Delta Blues, Country Gospel, New Orleans, Ragtime, Early Jazz and the most amazing version of “The Mississippi Blues” that we’ve ever seen performed or heard here at TrueFire:

Mississippi Blues – Introduction

Mississippi Blues – Breakdowns 1 – 7

Mississippi Blues – Breakdowns 8 – 14

Mississippi Blues – Breakdowns 15 – 23

Mississippi Blues – Breakdowns 24 – 32

Mississippi Blues – Breakdowns 33 – 40

The full Fingerstyle Roots, Rags, & Blues guitar course is available for purchase on TrueFire.