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This second video introduces the harmonizer capabilities. In this mode “heel down” position gives you one harmony while the “toe down” position gives you another.
I use the harmony mode to more fatten the sound than trying to sound like another guitar player harmonizing with you.

Take note: In this video there aren’t any movements on the Whammy pedal itself. However, engaging the pedal right on the down beat is crucial.

To demonstrate what I do with the harmonizing feature of the Whammy the melody is being played twice. Both times I am playing in octaves in the 5th bar. When the harmony mode is on, it harmonizes the low octave as well as the upper octave, which makes the melody sound like I am playing four notes! Check out how this also gives a slight change in tone.

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Gears Used:
Vigier Guitars
Ernie Ball Strings
Whammy pedal
Axe-Fx Ultra