Podcasts are all the rage in 2022, and you can find one on just about anything these days. But what are the best guitar podcasts out there? Podcasts are a great way to learn on the go, find inspiration, or just learn more about your favorite artists or educators.

Each guitar podcast takes a different approach, some relying on interviews, others focusing on educational content to help you ignite your musicality, learn a new lick, or dive deep into music theory.

Finding a guitar podcast is relatively easy, but there are so many available today that it can be hard to sort through the masses. Luckily for you, we’ve scoured the Internet and streaming platforms to put together a list of the 25 best guitar podcasts of 2022.

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25 Best Guitar Podcasts

1. Chasing Tone

Join Brian Wampler, Blake Wyland, Richard Oliver, and other guests as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone. There will be a healthy dose of off-topic nonsense and a look at everything happening in the world of guitar, music, the work at Wampler Pedals, and the music industry in general. If you suffer from G.A.S. or just simply like to listen to gear podcasts, you’ll love Chasing Tone.

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2. Guitar Nerds

Guitar Nerds is a weekly show all about guitars. Each episode includes the latest guitar news and releases, reviews, and discussion from the Guitar Nerds Facebook forum. Hosted a team of enthusiasts from the guitar retail and manufacture industries, and supplemented by additional weekly episodes on Patreon.

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3. 60 Cycle Hum

60 Cycle Hum is a guitar podcast that covers the used market of Craigslist, Ebay and Reverb.com, Each week hosts Ryan and Steve tackle ads sent in by listeners and discuss topics relevant to the guitar gear industry. If you listen to Guitar Nerds, Chasing tone, or any other popular guitar podcast 60 Cycle Hum should be familiar to you.

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4. Guitar Music Theory Podcast

This podcast features free audio guitar lessons taught by Desi Serna, author of Fretboard Theory and Guitar Theory For Dummies. Learn how scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more get applied to the fretboard and familiar songs. Hear how to best get your playing skills in order. Begin to improvise and compose. Understand why your favorite songs sound so good.

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5. Everyone Loves Guitar

The hosts of this guitar podcast sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, musicians and other creatives and find out what makes them tick. If you enjoy listening to the backstory of successful people, you’ll love this show. Here’s something that’s pretty cool — while most of their guests are from the United States, they’ve had the privilege of interviewing players from all over the world: Austria, Australia, Benin (West Africa), Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cypress, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Tasmania.

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6. The Guitar Knobs

The Guitar Knobs guitar podcast focuses on boutique guitars, pedals, amps, and gear. The guitar world is filled with so many incredible, passionate, smart and gifted makers and players from the small, unique brands that are making a huge array of amazing things. The goal of this guitar podcast is to provide great interviews, learn, and have a few laughs for all of us guitar enthusiasts out there.

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7. Berklee Guitar Department Podcast

Tap into some of the great interviews, performances, and clinics in the Berklee Guitar world with available now in their official guitar podcast. Listen to weekly conversations with faculty and friends. Hosted by Kim Perlak (Chair), Sheryl Bailey (Assistant Chair and TrueFire Educator), and Ian Steed (Senior Coordinator).

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8. Play Guitar Podcast

For the past 30 years, this guitar podcast has been helping beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitarists get out of the guitar rut and find their voice on the guitar. These free, fun, and easy guitar lessons give you the right mindset for guitar success and keep you moving forward on the guitar. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, this show will help you become the guitarist you always wanted to be.

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9. Guitar Smarts Podcast

Guitar Smarts is a podcast for guitarists and working musicians from the everyday walk of life, pro and amateur alike. Matt and Kiran are self professed ‘non-professional’ guitarists. With years of gigging experience behind them as function/session guitarists and on the pub and club blues circuit in the UK, join Kiran and Matt as they discuss everything guitar and music-related, nerd out on gear talk, have a laugh about their experiences playing live and lament on the fact that they will never have enough guitars!

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10. Get Offset Podcast for Guitarists

Based out of Seattle, Get Offset is a guitar podcast hosted by Emily Harris and Andrew Rinard. But what is this, a podcast just about offset guitars? Well, not exactly. While we all have an affinity for offset guitars (look at these friggin’ hipsters), getting offset goes deeper than that. The goal of this guitar podcast is to be a voice of reason and human decency in the gear community. Music has always had an influential role in society, and the world we live in today needs a better culture behind the music that shapes it. Their promise is to not compromise their commitment to that ideal for sake of entertainment, sponsorship, or popular opinion. Whether it be elitism, misogyny, questionable business ethics, this guitar podcast wants to help “offset” the status quo for the better.

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11. ToneMob Guitar Podcast

Blake Wyland, guitar nut and the main man behind the scenes at ToneMob, sits down and chats with various characters in the guitar gear world. We talk good guitar tone, effects, amps, and how people go about creating the sound of their dreams. Guests vary from boutique builders, to the musicians rocking the tools of tone. Loaded with info and buffoonery, if you love guitars, you’ll love the show!

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12. The Fret Files

Listen to this podcast where, Eric Daw, a 20 year guitar repair veteran, talks guitar tech, guitar repair, guitar tools, guitar building and all things relating to the art of guitar craft. Eric takes calls, reads emails, and interviews a myriad of guitar industry moguls.

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13. High Action

The New West Guitar Group hosts a podcast about their favorite instrument, the guitar, and the extraordinary people who play it. Through interviews, live performances, and in-depth discussions, High Action delivers a podcast for the six-string enthusiast who wants a deeper understanding of the players behind the instrument and their specific approach to guitar.

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14. The Classical Guitar Corner Podcast

If you want to learn classical guitar online, then Simon Powisinvites you to join him on the Classical Guitar Corner Podcast. In this podcast he offers a variety of discussions on topics such as sight reading, practice technique, and memorisation. In addition to these specific topics he interviews world class classical guitarists and invite them to share insights and lessons they have learned from a lifetime of music.

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15. The Guitar Hour Podcast

This is the audio podcast version of the live streaming 6-string web show extravaganza – ‘The Guitar Hour’, with Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, Dave Brons and David Beebee. Each season the guys chat about what it’s like on the front line learning, teaching, loving and occasionally despairing at all things axe related.

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16. Amps & Axes Podcast

The informative podcast for musicians on amplifiers, guitars and everything between. Host Jeff Bober is considered by his peers as the ‘Godfather of low wattage amps’ and is the owner of East Amplification. Along with Mick Marcellino who covers all of the guitar needs this show will not only be informative but a fun listen.

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17. Adam Rafferty’s Guitar Podcast

In this podcast, you’ll get tips, techniques and insights along with interviews of world class guitarists as well as listener submitted Q & A. Join us each week to discover quick and easy tricks of the trade which will help you to develop to develop and improve your guitar playing from the inside out.

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18. GuitarWank Podcast

Legendary bebop guitar master, Bruce Forman, and amazing jazz fusion/blues guitarist, Scott Henderson, known for their hilariously cantankerous opinions and mutual penchant for heckling, wank poetically on all things guitar and the music business. GuitarWank host and guitarist, Troy MacCubbin, talks with Bruce Forman and Scott Henderson about how they met, their musical values, and guitar wank-u-cation. Guests, Stories, advice & everything you have to deal with being a musician in the world of Jazz and other styles.

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19. Guitar Speak Podcast

Guitar Speak Podcast is about interviews with leading guitarists, luthiers and gear builders.

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20. The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

Each week, the Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast interviews some of your favorite musicians, instrument builders and historians. We cover acoustic and electric instruments in each issue of Fretboard Journal.

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21. WoodAirMetal Guitar Podcast

Hosted by classical guitarist Adam Keeler and electric jazz guitarist Tim Mirth expounding on their conversations about guitar over the last 15 years. Both with over 30 years of experience playing guitar, gigging, recording, teaching, complaining.

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22. The Gutiar Channel’s Passion Amplifier Podcast

The Guitar Channel is the passion amplifier podcast for all the guitar lovers with interviews of Steve Va, Popa Chubby, and many more and gear sound seeing.

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23. The Gear Slum Podcast

The Gear Slum Guitar Podcast is your one-stop shop for all things guitar culture nonsense.

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24. Guitar Business Radio Podcast

Guitar Business Radio is about the Business of Guitar from all angles, from guitar builders to guitar players and everything in between.

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25. Tips for Guitar Playing Success Podcast

Learn how to quickly boost your guitar playing skills with these easy tips, tricks, and helpful hints from successful guitarist, instructor, author, and producer Marlene Hutchinson.

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Did We Miss One?

Our selection of the 25 best guitar podcasts certain covers a wide range of topics and content, but surely there are others out there you might be listening to on a regular basis. Join the TrueFire Community and share your favorite listens on our Discord server!

Additional Guitar Podcasts Submitted by the TrueFire Community for Consideration:

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