Sitting in a room with three of rock’s most cherished icons while they spill their guts and trade licks is a dream shared by so many guitar players that it’s smooth to the touch. That’s why this is an official “thank you” to producer Thomas Tull for making that dream a reality with the highly anticipated rock n’ roll documentary, It Might Get Loud.

Imagine Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge gathered on an amp filled soundstage sharing stories, influences and of course playing guitar; Mr.Tull, thank you again. Yet this isn’t just an hour and a half documentary about guitar icons; this film is a living portrait of rock’s family tree. Directed by the award winning Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth), the film promises to not only deliver a startling reminder of why generations of guitar players have been fathered by the hands of these three men, but also a poignant look into the lives behind them. Set for nationwide release by the end of August, one look at the trailer suggests that It Might Get Loud will be worth far more than the price of admission.