Snow is hammering the East Coast like Pete Townshend hammered his Rickenbacker at the Railway Tavern circa 1964. For those of you trapped in that frozen mess, I’m a little jealous. Sure I’m wearing short sleeves; Florida is nice and sunny right now, but at least you’re home with nothing except time on your hands to practice guitar. I, on the other hand, have to go to work.

I built a list of 5 video guitar lessons after I had a particularly enjoyable daydream about what I would do on a snow day. I’m going to share my list with you all because I’m a generous person.

1. Iron Thunder – 50 Metal Licks You MUST Know

2. Latin Groove Solo 1 – Quantum Rock

3. Good Times: Breakdown – Kings of Blues and Rock: Jimmy Page

4. Chicken Pickin’ Solo 1 – Big Twang

5. That Disco Chord – 40-Day Rhythm SWAT Camp

Share the wealth – let me know what your favorite TrueFire video guitar lessons are!

Truth. Love. Music.

Charlie Doom