by Charlie Doom

Buying a second guitar is a rite of passage for a guitarist. It represents a commitment between artist and art, not only spiritually, but financially, too. Buying a second guitar says, “I am serious and committed to expanding my craft.” And it is my firm belief that a guitarist only really needs two guitars – an acoustic and an electric. Which explains why I have seven guitars crammed into my tiny downtown apartment. I don’t even own a couch. It’s a disease.

If you’re even thinking about having two guitars it’s already too late. Some of us have money to sustain the addiction, but the rest of us have to scavenge about like frightened swine; lying, cheating and stealing to bring home what we most covet. If you or someone you know might be suffering from this addiction, there is no hope. All you can really do is learn how to play your guitars to the best of your ability. At least that way you’ll have an excuse to buy that 1988 banana yellow American Strat you see in the window of Stevie B’s  everyday you ride your bike to work.