Fuel for the Fire:

“Nothing in music is hard, just unfamiliar.”
– jazz pianist Kenny Werner, from his book
Effortless Mastery


Another great Les Paul tribute from the Economist – “The Man Who Changed Rock Music” – http://su.pr/2WROp0

Guitar Player LIVE! 2009 is coming up. It will be at the Livermore Valley Performing Art Center from September 11 through September 13 – http://su.pr/1i8gY2

TIME’s music critic Josh Tyrangiel “picks” a pantheon of six-string masters. But much like our custom amplifiers, this list goes to 11 – http://su.pr/8Tjy9e

Legendary Pictures plans for a Jimi Hendrix biopic, as reported by MTV – http://su.pr/4LQ8II

Ukulele sales are up 500% this year as a new generation of middle-class, middle-aged players try their hand at the easiest of musical instruments – http://su.pr/2l9o2B