Fuel for the Fire:

“Music is love in search of a word.”
– Sidney Lanier


Kyle Busch (of NASCAR) has donated $30,000 to buy 150 guitars for some local schools, apparently as atonement for smashing a classic Gibson guitar in an embarrassing “rock star-style celebration” after a June Nationwide victory. – http://su.pr/2x8qBg

Apparently, New York University is turning into the School of Rock, and this semester, you are expected to ace your “Guitar Hero” class. You’re kidding, right!? – http://su.pr/1Jfpnh

7-Eleven, Inc. rocks out this month with “Battle of the Bands,” an in-store and online promotion that pits 28 bands from across the U.S. in a music video competition at www.slurpee.com. – http://su.pr/3FH5lT

You must see Trey Alexander do “Little Wing.” It’s sick! – http://su.pr/1CzGkH