Fuel for the Fire:

Answer this: Should a record be a picture of where you are now, or of all the places you could just as likely be?


Gibson Guitar is offering video guitar lessons on their site with contemporary artists teaching their own songs. Would you be interested in something similar on TrueFire? Which contemporary artists would you want to learn from and which songs? – http://su.pr/8VAdbA

Here is a very specific example of how a band is adding value to the “analog” live-concert experience by adding “digital” perks. – http://su.pr/A1ugMP

Texas claims the Guinness World Record for largest group of guitar pickers. – http://su.pr/8e5gof

A nice piece from BluesBlogger about Boz Scaggs and the blues. – http://su.pr/1jegk8

And finally, a great biography (with videos) of the late, great Les Paul. – http://su.pr/4oJkl8