The worldwide community of guitarists and musicians is one of the main reasons why TrueFire is where it is today. With our students’ input and feedback, we stay motivated to continue to expand our library and improve our music e-learning experience. So, while we spend a lot of time highlighting our incredible faculty and content, we think it’s time to move the spotlight on some of our most passionate users.

In this Student Spotlight series, we’ll be showcasing a member of the diverse TrueFire community and sharing their thoughts with you. We hope you find yourself inspired. Ignited we stand!

Student Spotlight: 277jah

Your Name:

John H.

How long have you been a TrueFire Student?

5+ years.

Tell us a little bit about yourself as a musician:

I’m an amateur retired gentleman who now has the time to live his dream of playing guitar and recording, keyboards, synths, harmonica, percussion, and brass.

What attracted you to TrueFire at first?

The high quality of teaching and great integration of methods of instruction.

What are some of your favorite TrueFire courses or lessons?

Jazz with Frank Vignola, Jazz Soul RnB fusion with Fareed Haque, Tim Sparks’ innovative neo-blues fingerstyle, Ton Van Berjyk’s innovative approach to fusing modern RnB and Gospel with Jazz and Blues and fingerstyle solo and rhythm guitar all in one. Muriel Anderson’s wonderful knowledge and teaching skills deal with approaches that do not often get focused on by male teachers. And so many, many, more, the amazing Joe Robinson and Tim Lerch, There are too many to list here.

How has TrueFire helped improve your playing?

It has increased my knowledge and repertoire enormously. However, I have a huge backlog of techniques and information from TrueFire to try and assimilate into my playing. It is like the pelican who eats more than his belly can hold. Still, the struggle is fun.

Why do you use TrueFire, and how often?

Most days, I watch it, sometimes just for inspiration and entertainment, probably only for serious practice every couple of days while watching.

What is your favorite feature of the TrueFire learning experience?

I have not tried them all, but the integration with the tab player and slow downer really helps for some of us who are not so quick on the uptake or our ears are not yet finely tuned.

Who is your favorite TrueFire Educator and why?

I can not really pick a favorite I have a favorite from each genre, but overall I go back a long way fingerpicking and was knocked out seeing Ton Van Berjyks update from Ragtime classics in the seventies to neo-soul blues picking of the future with a nod to the past. However, I think his skills are largely lost on the generation of electric guitar bangers of today, power chords, noise, and deadly solos being their thang.

What would you like to see more of at TrueFire?

I am happy the way it is. I am totally clueless as to how you could make excellent any better. However, others probably have something to say.

Any other comments?

Thanks for the music keep it coming my way.

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