The worldwide community of guitarists and musicians is one of the main reasons why TrueFire is where it is today. With our students’ input and feedback, we stay motivated to continue to expand our library and improve our music e-learning experience. So, while we spend a lot of time highlighting our incredible faculty and content, we think it’s time to move the spotlight on some of our most passionate users.

In this Student Spotlight series, we’ll be showcasing a member of the diverse TrueFire community and sharing their thoughts with you. We hope you find yourself inspired. Ignited we stand!

Student Spotlight: BillyRay1968

Your Name:

Billy Ray M.

How long have you been a TrueFire Student?

Since 2018.

Tell us a little bit about yourself as a musician:

I’ve been learning, studying, and playing for over 35 years.

What attracted you to TrueFire at first?

I was looking for a certain way of studying with a particular way of being taught.

What are some of your favorite TrueFire courses or lessons?

The Jazz, Country, Blues, Fingerstyle, Theory, Rhythm, Rock Rhythm studies, and generally all the ones I’ve purchased.

How has TrueFire helped improve your playing?

By being able to refer and review anytime I want. Truefire has helped me become a better guitar player by giving me the tools to learn at my own pace and study as I see fit. I was needing a more solid rhythm in my playing and through the use of Trufire’s extensive library, I was able to find the courses that fit my needs.

Why do you use TrueFire, and how often?

I use TrueFire because I can learn, study and review as often as I like. I am a TrueFire subscriber and at the moment I own 99+ courses. I use TrueFire every day. Studying everything from Country to Jazz, Blues to Rock, and Fingerstyle guitar. I learn to be diverse in my playing. It gives a solid edge when faced with certain elements of style.

What is your favorite feature of the TrueFire learning experience?

Being able to watch and play along as well as the ability to review as needed and download and print the material. Oh, and the prices are on par with my pocketbook.

Who is your favorite TrueFire Educator and why?

I can’t really pinpoint a favorite because they are all held to the Truefire standard of excellence. Each educator has their own personality, teaching style, and delivery, which is something that keeps learning fun and interesting.

What would you like to see more of at TrueFire?

A detachable viewing window so we can make the screen bigger while we read along on the sheet music/charts.

Any other comments?

Thank you, TrueFire, for providing such a wonderful learning tool with fair pricing. It has certainly given me a means and strategy to up my game on the guitar!

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