The worldwide community of guitarists and musicians is one of the main reasons why TrueFire is where it is today. With our students’ input and feedback, we stay motivated to continue to expand our library and improve our music e-learning experience. So, while we spend a lot of time highlighting our incredible faculty and content, we think it’s time to move the spotlight on some of our most passionate users.

In this Student Spotlight series, we’ll be showcasing a member of the diverse TrueFire community and sharing their thoughts with you. We hope you find yourself inspired. Ignited we stand!

Student Spotlight: pjjacobs

Your Name:

Paul J.

How long have you been a TrueFire Student?

3 years.

Tell us a little bit about yourself as a musician:

I play primarily country, western swing, rockabilly, some blues and a little jazz in there. I’ve played off and on for the past 45 years.

What attracted you to TrueFire at first?

The opportunity to study independently and the access to so many accomplished musicians. The cost of one video course is close to, on average, a single half-hour lesson.

What are some of your favorite TrueFire courses or lessons?

I really like Jason Loughlin’s country courses, Johnny Hiland, Tommy Emmanuel’s finger-picking courses, and of course, Robben Ford’s blues revolution.

How has TrueFire helped improve your playing?

Practical applications of theory and technique thought process of building solos, etc.

Why do you use TrueFire, and how often?

I use TrueFire every day in my daily practice.

What is your favorite feature of the TrueFire learning experience?

Repeat and speed reduction when learning difficult lines.

Who is your favorite TrueFire Educator and why?

Jason Laughlin because he plays in all the genres I enjoy listening to and playing.

What would you like to see more of at TrueFire?

A larger country section, especially western swing. Masterclasses, although in some ways any of these courses could be a masterclass in some way. I used to take masterclasses, and they included solo playing for critics as well. I like the idea of the single course focusing on a single tune, although I haven’t used it yet. The Jam is great, and I’d like to see more country music represented there. I do like working with the band arrangements. It’s good practice to listen to others and keep in time with the tune.

Any other comments?

I think TrueFire harnesses the internet and leverages its endless teaching possibilities. Given the age of COVID, it has helped focus my attention on positive growth in my music. For a self-motivated player like myself, it has turned out to be a revelation. I think there are many unexplored opportunities. I’m not sure if this would be possible, but maybe there could be a way for those who wish to work on songs or material or jam with others in a virtual studio of sorts with other players of either equal or better skills. During COVID, many people were doing this, and I would definitely like to play with others rather than woodshed all the time. Finding people to play with can sometimes be difficult and not always convenient. Just a thought but wow, a virtual community that interacts — the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the great site!

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