The worldwide community of guitarists and musicians is one of the main reasons why TrueFire is where it is today. With our students’ input and feedback, we stay motivated to continue to expand our library and improve our music e-learning experience. So, while we spend a lot of time highlighting our incredible faculty and content, we think it’s time to move the spotlight on some of our most passionate users.

In this Student Spotlight series, we’ll be showcasing a member of the diverse TrueFire community and sharing their thoughts with you. We hope you find yourself inspired. Ignited we stand!

Student Spotlight: Wolfgang4D

Your Name:

Wolfgang R.

How long have you been a TrueFire Student?

10 months.

Tell us a little bit about yourself as a musician:

I’ve been playing the guitar for just over ten months.

What attracted you to TrueFire at first?

It seemed to be one of the few websites offering decent guitar courses, so I had a closer look.

What are some of your favorite TrueFire courses or lessons?

The acoustic guitar courses by
– Brooks Robertson (Take 5: Boom Chick),
– David Hamburger (30 Beginner Fingerstyle Blues Licks You Must Know),
– Stephen Mougin (Solo Factory: Bluegrass),
– Roberto Dalla Vecchia (Solo Flatpicking Handbook), and
– Corey Congillio (Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Playbook).

How has TrueFire helped improve your playing?

Because of how the courses are made (clear video instructions with different camera angles, TrueFire learning tools in general, the ability to slow down videos, download tabs, Guitar Pro files, the TrueFire App, etc.), learning to play the guitar a lot easier and more fun. Also, most of the instructors offering their courses on TrueFire do a great job explaining things, and all of them are very good players and know what they are talking about.

Why do you use TrueFire, and how often?

I use it almost every day. I’m self-taught and TrueFire offers a great and versatile way of learning the genres of music I want to play on the acoustic guitar.

What is your favorite feature of the TrueFire learning experience?

It’s definitely the TrueFire App because watching the courses offline is much more comfortable as there are no loading times/difficulties.

Who is your favorite TrueFire Educator and why?

Corey Congillio, in my opinion, is one of the best educators on TrueFire, especially if you’re a beginner. He is one of those people who has a real knack for explaining things very clearly and in an understandable way. Plus, the licks, etc. you learn in his courses are really beautiful and make me want to pick up my guitar and learn them and play them every time I watch his lessons.

What would you like to see more of at TrueFire?

More acoustic guitar courses and more courses aimed at beginners that already know how to play a little, but are not quite intermediate yet.

Any other comments?

Keep up the good work, and keep the sales coming! Or maybe strike that last part, I’ve been spending too much money on TrueFire already…

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