This picturesque town will become home to TrueFire over the next couple of days. Saturday morning, April 28, 2012 kicked off the Soave Guitar Festival where we had TrueFire (lucky) staffers cover the event.

The sun was shining and spring was in the air as locals and internation tourists stormed the castle walls. Guitar and music lovers attended daytime workshops in a local winery including performances and educational segments in an intimate setting. Bermuda Acoustic Trio was rocking in at the daytime community center. Roberto dalla Vecchia and Pedro Javier Gonzalez were highlights.

The evening concert featured several diverse acoustic and electric acts: Luca Olivieri, Massimo Varini, Little Barrie, John Jorgenson Quintet and Tommy Emmanuel. See Sunday’s video for the event concert series. The medieval town just outside Verona hosts the festival, which is produced as a labor of love by Pierpaolo Adda.

The event also includes guitar expo and sales of new and vintage instruments in the town “commune” with Soave wine, espresso and gelato as the main staple. There was also a wedding on the scene – a local vineyard owner’s daughter got married (and doused) in good luck rice and a ride in a vintage automobile. Ah amore!