In spite of the weather calling for rain, the day dawned clear and perfect for a day of music and celebration. The commune was hopping with many performers taking the stage. Highlights were Davide Facchini and Anita Camarella who’s swing guitar and vocal performance was charming and a perfect complement to the day.

Beatlemania was the theme of the weekend with Andy Timmons performing many of his arrangements to Beatles favorites. Walter Lupi got down-right percussive with Tommy Emmanuel and the weekend’s anthem, Bella Soave, written by Tommy Emmanuel years ago after his first encounter with the festival, was given new life with both Tommy and Pedro Javier Gonzalez playing a duet in its honor. It was with bittersweet notes that they took the stage as this marks the end of the Soave Guitar Festival. Pierpaolo and Antonella Adda, who have worked tirelessly over the years, have decided that this was to be the last.

Artists, attendees and town-people alike shared the music and memories of Soave, which as proved to be in the words of Tommy Emmanuel, “the heart of music in Europe.” We will say “ciao” to Soave, but will hope that the music returns to its hills. Join Isabelle in giving props to the artists.–