Stuck alone this Valentine’s Day? There’s still time to find a date, and the solution could be as simple as playing a romantic song. A 2010 study published in Psychology of Music found women who listened to a song with romantic lyrics were nearly twice as likely to provide their phone number when asked by a young man.

During the study, 18-20 year old single females listen to either a song with romantic lyrics or a neutral song. Five minutes later the women were approached by a 20 year old average looking man who asked if they wanted to grab a drink. 52% of the women primed with the love song gave the man their number, whereas only 27% of those who listened to the neutral songs accepted the request.

This is in line with previous studies that suggest music plays a strong role in our mood. Prior research has found positive songs lead to more prosocial behavior and a positive outlook, whereas negative songs lead to more antisocial behaviors.

So if you’re looking to meet someone new, stay away from the death metal and switch it up with some Aerosmith. Here’s a video to get you started: