Whether you’re just getting started or have been playing the guitar all your life, one of the best ways to level up is by fully immersing yourself in the world of guitar.

How do you do that? You stay involved in the conversation. You network with others who love guitar and you keep up with industry trends and the latest news and articles related to guitar and making awesome music.

To help you out, we put together a list of 50 musicians, bloggers, and journalists you should be following. If you follow these key influencers you’re well on your way to becoming a living, breathing, rocking machine!

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1. Peter Hodgson

Peter is a writer for Gibson.com, Australian Guitar, Australian Musician, Mixdown Magazine, Blunt, Beat and The Brag. Even if you don’t know him by name, chances are you’ve read his work.

2. Guitar Noize

Lots of quality reviews and demos here – check them out if you want to get new gear ideas and make sure your next purchase isn’t a brick.

3. Jason Shadrick

He’s an Associate Editor of Premier Guitar, long time guitarist, writer, and an instructor.

4. Tom Hess

Tom Hess runs tomhess.net and has been playing guitar since 1986. His primary focus is guitar instruction, which he offers primarily via his website.

5. Dweezil Zappa

Son of guitar legend Frank Zappa, Dweezil brings a unique sound proves the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Oh, and did we mention you’ll be seeing more of him at TrueFire?

6. Jeff Giles

Jeff has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years and currently writes for Ultimate Classic Rock while running PopDose.com

7. Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar is one of the biggest blogs in the guitar industry. Their twitter features a high quantity of original content, tutorials, and industry news.

8. Kelly Richey

If you love blues you’ve probably already watched her TrueFire course. Kelly Richey is a blues rocker and composer currently residing in Ohio. Check her out for free lessons and live performances.

9. Guitarkadia

Founded in 2008 by Emon Hassan, Guitarkadia presents stories around guitars via original video, multimedia, photo and text.

10. Cameron Mizell

Cameron is a New York guitarist and music instructor who has built up a reputation as a leading voice in musician careers. If you’re looking to launch a guitar career you’ll want to keep up with him.

11. Andy Greene

An associate editor for Rolling Stone, Andy is on top of all things Rock. If you need your daily fix of classic rock, he’s the guy to follow.

12. Robert Cavuoto

Robert is the senior writer and photographer for Guitar International. His performance pictures are out of this world, so if you need a little visual inspiration check him out.

13. Vernon Reid

Vernon Reid is a guitar legend – named one of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone and he is the founder of band Living Colour.

14. Josh Evitt

Evitt founded GuitarLifestyle (formerly TheGuitarBlog) which has been around since 2005. If you want to hear from someone who truly knows the industry check him out.

15. Mark Alan Dooley

Beautiful compositions meet stunning visual art. Mark is a modern renaissance man you need to keep up with if you’re interested in music as an art form.

16. Jon ‘Big Red’ Wolske

Jon Wolske is the “culture evangelist” for good reason – he’s guitarist and active blogger at “Music for the People”.

17. David Bradley

David is a best-selling author, science journalist, photographer, and, most importantly, a rocker. Follow him if your inner geek wants some science with your guitar.

18. Greg Howe

Greg Howe is a guitar pro who has played on several tours with Michael Jackson and has been in the business for over thirty years.

19. The Guitar Wall

Follow the Guitar Wall if you want to keep up with up and coming music vendors, musicians, and producers. Guitar wall is the bulletin board for the guitar world.

20. Guitar Instructor

Follow Guitar Instructor for tons of great content from the world of guitars and guitar instruction. Guitar Instructor gives a ton of content and provides a consistent flow of supplementary materials for those of you learning guitar.

21. JustinGuitar

JustinGuitar is one of the most renowned free instructors out there. He boasts over 350k YouTube subscribers and is always offering great tips to improve your guitar performance.

22. Bill Leverty

Bill Leverty is another guitar great, who has played with some of the greatest musicians, including: Bon Jovi, Cher, Damn Yankees, David Lee Roth, Def Leppard, Eddie Money, Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Poison

23. Neil Zaza

Neil Zaza is a melodic instrumental guitarist, songwriter, and instructor here at TrueFire. His unique compositions are sure to give you inspiration next time you’re stuck in a creative rut.

24. Joe Satriani

Currently the lead guitar for supergroup Chickenfoot, Joe Satriani has played with the greats and is the biggest selling instrumental guitarist of all time.

25. Michael J. Johnson

Michael Johnson is a music industry veteran with an abundance of wisdom to dispense. He is an associate professor at Berklee College of Music and has launched several solo singles you have to check out.

26. Mark McGuigan

A teacher and writer with MasterTheGuitar.com, Mark is a cubicle refugee who has been rocking guitar since he was 13.

27. Andrew Unterberger

Andrew is an associate editor with SPIN and is sure to keep you up to date with music industry news, reviews, and interviews.

28. Billy Sheehan

Sheehan is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has played with Talas, UFO, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, Niacin, Steve Vai and now The Winery Dogs.

29. Gene Simmons

No description necessary. Gene still loves to connect with fans and is always showing up to events, so follow him to see when you can catch him.

30. Matt Warnock Guitar

Matt’s one of the more renown figures in the industry when it comes to teaching Jazz Guitar. He’s a guitarist, composer, and author, so be sure to check him out.

31. Trey Gunn

Trey is a multi-media story teller who focuses on the union of music and visual art. He does solo work, film and television scoring, builds multi-dimensional media projects and music coaching.

32. Twangville

A twang blog for music that falls off the beaten path. Genres covered include Alt-Country, Americana, Indie, Rock, Folk & Blues. Follow them to discover some new tracks and inspiration.

33. Walt Ribeiro

Walt’s a former jazz guitarist who now focuses on orchestral compositions and music advocacy. He’s worked on some seriously cool stuff for YouTube and Vine.

34. Jude Gold

Jude is a guitar journalist who has been an editor for Guitar Player Magazine since 2001, where he has written hundreds of articles, lessons, gear reviews, and cover story interviews

35. jimifan

Jimifan authors the “Lick of the Day” blog and is a passionate guitar enthusiast and blogger (Bonus: Lots of cats).

36. Michael Franco

Franco is a St. Louis based hip hop guitarist who has been playing since 2003. If you’re open to exploring new styles be sure to check him out and follow him on Twitter.

37. Matt Heaton

Matt Heaton performs, composes and teaches both updated and traditional Irish music.

38. Whiteboy Slim

Whiteboy Slim is a classic blues player who plays the guitar, harp, keys, and vocals to boot. He’s also a career arranger, songwriter, and producer. If you’ve got the blues itch, this is someone you should know.

39. Zack Urlocker

A guitar loving software executive in Silicon Valley – follow him for a mix of music and tech/business updates.

40. Kelly @ WorldofBlues

If you love Jazz and Blues then Kelly @ World of Blues is a must follow. She’s a blogger who writes about – you guess it, blues. You’ll get all the Blues news and videos you can handle.

41. Music Radar

A music blog for musicians, by musicians. Follow them for the latest news, reviews, videos, and samples for all things music.

42. Corey Congilio

Corey is a Nashville guitarist, producer, and a TrueFire instructor. He first joined the TrueFire family in 2011 with his course “50 Texas Blues Licks You Must”.

43. Aljon Go

If you’re a geek who happens to enjoy shredding every now and then, you’ll want to keep up with Aljon. He’s a serial web series and podcast host, and gives his followers a geeky twist.

44. Andy Collins

Andy Collins runs NailGuitar.com and offers free online guitar lessons and resources.

45. Patrick Doyle

Patrick Doyle is talented music journalist and an associate editor with Rolling Stone.

46. Chris Bryant Guitar

Chris Bryant is a guitar instructor and runs Chris Bryant Guitar School in California.

47. Larry Carlton

Mr. 335 himself. Larry Carlton is a grammy winning jazz musician and TrueFire instructor. He’s also very active on social media, so you should probably check him out.

48. freekbass

Freekbass is a protégé of funk icon Bootsy Collins, a TrueFire educator, and is currently part of the funk trio Headtronics. Keep up with him if you’re down to bring more funk into your life.

49. Angus Clark

Angus is a guitarist for DareDevil Squadron, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rock of Ages, Kitaro. Angus as well as a highly-regarded instructor and producer.

50. Jennifer Batten

Former Jeff Beck guitarist and current TrueFire educator, Jennifer Batten is brimming with passion for guitar and can instil in others the same.

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