Reverb is a fantastic site for finding instruments both new and used. They launched back in 2013, building a marketplace for musicians of all disciplines to buy and list new used and vintage gear. In this article, we’re going to take you through our selection of some of the best guitars that Reverb has to offer.

You can expect to see a variety of representation here – this list will be broken down into equal parts acoustic and electric and everything in between. You can also expect to see some classics thrown in. Let’s jump in and see what Reverb has to offer guitarists of all sounds and styles.

Godin ACS Nylon Black Electric Guitar w/ Gig bag

This is an amazing guitar for the classical, or flamenco player. Among many other things, Godins are known for their exceptional action – it is tight and smooth. This fresh take on a classic is styled with another Godin signature – the dots at the top of the fretboard. It is a tasteful, minimalistic take on the classical guitar and they have done a beautiful job updating this to a tasteful and beautiful piece of wooden art. 

These guitars are made in Quebec, Canada and New Hampshire and are among the highest quality. They are becoming more well-known now, but have gone on for a long time as one of the guitar industry’s best-kept secrets. This is a perfect example of one of their most beautiful and unique pieces of craftsmanship.

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Vintage Fender Newporter

This acoustic guitar from the 1960s is all character. It is small, mahogany and has a bright punchy tone. This is an example of a great used guitar that you can buy on Reverb. This may not be for people who don’t see the value in some of the chips and scratches that come with a beautiful vintage guitar, and that’s ok. Those who see value in character will absolutely love this. Play a piece of history.

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Gibson J45 ADJ 1967

Another acoustic guitar from the 60s, this one a dreadnought style: complete with nicks and scratches. This is more of a rare guitar – and it’ll cost you upwards of 4 grand. It is a J45 but was refinished to look like a J50. Despite that, it retains that classic 60s sound – bright, and crisp. The action on this guitar is smooth and you can get a good sound when playing anywhere on the neck.

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Martin D-X1E Acoustic/Electric

Here comes another beautiful dreadnought-styled guitar – this one a little more updated. This is a more affordably priced model than some of the others coming in at just shy of $700. It features a beautiful and unique natural wooden finish which makes lovely use of the Koa grains, to give it almost a horizontal tiger stripe pattern.

That, coupled with the mother of pearl fret inlays make this an absolutely stunning guitar that drips in Martin style. In terms of hardware, this guitar comes with Piezo pickups with electronics built-in.

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Martin Steel String Backpacker

This is an incredible little travel guitar from Martin as well. This amazing little acoustic guitar features a uniquely tiny head shape and strap. This guitar is easy to tune and play and features a Sitka Spruce Top. You can take this little acoustic guitar with you anywhere for just under $400, making it not only convenient but economical as well.

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The Cattlecaster

These custom guitars are each a piece of luthier art. The “Cattlecaster” is based in shape and on the Fender Telecaster, which to some is the holy grail of blues, rock and country guitars. The body is aged American pine and has been charred to bring out the grain and stained in a gunstock amber finish. 

This is the Texas frontier in a guitar and as such it features two belt buckles in the body. This has two Seymour Duncan Vintage stack pickups and the fretboard is done in the classic Geppetto collage style. These guitars are done on a custom basis and will take 2-3 months and cost around 4 thousand dollars. They are worth every penny if you love the look of charred wood grains.

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Gibson’s Les Paul

This was famously Slash of Guns ‘n Roses’ guitar of choice. The Les Paul is a staple guitar for any collector, and there is a really unique one listed on Reverb right now in Ocean Water Candy. It features 2 double humbucker pickups and has the standard 4 knobs and pickup switch that come on a Les Paul. It has a medium action making it really playable up in the higher register of the fretboard. This refreshing splash on the classic will set you back about 5 thousand dollars.

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Gibson’s Les Paul Goryo Yutu

Worth a quick mention is another version of the Les Paul – the Goryo Yutu. This is the same guitar in another rare color – Blue Burst Quilt Top. Lovers of Les Pauls can’t get enough, so if you’ve got an extra ten thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you can have the pair. That will add a splash of color to your guitar collection!

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Fender Champion Lap Steel

Here comes another country backroads must-have. This 1950’s yellow pearloid lap steel from fender makes an amazing character piece for the collector. This will set you back about 1000 dollars and comes preloved, so if you need an all-original piece in good condition you will have to find another posting (they are out there). 

This piece comes with a replaced pickup, tuners, pots and knobs and the fretboard Is well-worn from those steel slides making her sing all these years.

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PRS SE Hollow body II

Last but certainly not least, an exquisite hollow body from PRS to wrap up our guitar list. This comes in the classic tricolor-sunburst that you really want for this classic style of guitar. The f-shaped holes are beautifully complemented by the styling and shape of the body. 

This guitar allows for the best of both worlds – combining wonderful electric tonal control with the resonance of a hollow body. The inlays are absolutely stunning as well – rather than simple dots or diamonds pearl birds appear to fly across the fretboard. Absolutely stunning to both the ears and the eyes, and the perfect piece to wrap up our list.

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