Joni MitchellJust a few weeks ago the LA Times ran a piece on Joni Mitchell, who was interviewed side by side with the guy who has been performing an all-Joni tribute in drag.  In the interview, Mitchell talked about using 40 different tunings onstage, revealed the rare medical condition she’s suffering from, recalled fond memories of Jimi Hendrix, and shared a few choice words about Bob Dylan. In all, a good read for musicians and non-musicians alike.

She’s not only an enchanting singer and superb songwriter, but Joni Mitchell is also an outstanding player and master of open tunings. This lesson from Andy Ellis, explores her penchant for open tunings, and details how she uses these tunings to spur inspirations for songs including how she developed the classic riff for “Big Yellow Taxi” out of open D.

Audio guitar lesson:

Tab, notation and Power Tab files available here.