It’s an amazing sight. Armed exclusively with a twangy 6-string resonator-an instrument most audience members associate with the likes of Son House and accompanied by a pumping drums-and-bass rhythm section, the lanky, tattooed, 6’2″ Eric Sardinas delivers a fast-paced set of adrenaline-drenched blues. But because Sardinas cranks through a Rivera half-stack and displays a penchant for crunchy, feedback-laced tones, his wicked solos evoke Jimi Hendrix and Duane Allman, even as they pay homage to Charley Patton and Elmore James. An hour before show time, the soft-spoken Sardinas sat with GP, sharing his techniques and demonstrating the slide riffs he used on his latest album, Black Pearls. Produced and mixed by the legendary Eddie Kramer, the disc is packed with taut grooves and snarling resonator tones.

Audio guitar lesson:

Tab, notation and Power Tab files available at here.