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Video Guitar Lesson

The sitting position is the most important part of playing the guitar. By having a good position, you will start to use your body the way it is supposed to move.

Start with the footstool. The footstool will raise your left or right leg. You will be able to comfortably set the shape of the guitar on the raised leg. It will also raise the angle of the neck making it will be impossible to crunch down on the instrument or tilt the neck downwards. The opposite top of the eight shape should rest against you in the center of your chest. That is how you know the stool is high enough.

Your right arm is your counter balance. Place your forearm on the peak of the eight shape. Placement should be about half way up the arm. There should be enough room to reach the strings, but not so much that your elbow in on the face of the instrument. This weight will be the counter balance that will keep the guitar in place.

The left arm forms by relaxing it and letting it fall straight down. Raise your left arm to your fret board. Your fingers should extend over the fret board with your thumb on the back opposite your first or second finger. Your knuckles should be parallel to the edge of your fret board. This will have you playing with the side of your index finger, the tips or your middle and ring finger and the side of your pinky instead the tips of all of the fingers.

By repeating this process every time before your play the guitar, It will reinforce these ideas that will greatly improve your playing. You will not wrap your thumb around the edge of your fret board of lean on your elbow.