The most frequently asked questions our educators get are, “How and what should I practice to improve as a player?” and “What is the best approach for learning songs?” Mimi Fox has the answers! In Mimi Fox’s course, Jazz Song Practice Playbook, you’ll learn to internalize a melody and arpeggiate on it. You’ll dive deep into harmony and how its alterations and extensions apply to a song. Mimi will show you how to combine that harmony with interesting rhythms, and by the end, you’ll be applying your new skills to an actual track.

Learn how to practice songs with these 5 free guitar lessons from Mimi Fox’s Jazz Song Practice Playbook below!

Jazz Guitar Lesson – Internalize the Melody of the Tune: Demonstration

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In this excerpt, there are some cool guitaristic ideas that you’ll learn, including slurring, hammer-ons, octave playing, harmonics and more. All of these concepts help the melody come alive and make you sound more musical/soulful in the process.

Jazz Guitar Lesson – Practice Scales for the Changes: Entire Fretboard: Demo

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Starting with the Bb minor pentatonic scale and then using the Mixolydian scale, this lesson takes you through some very important terrain. Setting a metronome at a very slow clip, I show you how to play quarter notes and then eighth notes in every position on the neck. This is super important because the guitar is played both horizontally and vertically and as you develop as an improviser, you want to be prepared to play anywhere on the neck. To this end, I also demo how to move from one position to the next with efficient fingering.

Jazz Guitar Lesson – Practice Your Harmony with a Track: Demonstration

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Now it’s time to have fun and steal my ideas! In this lesson, there are many cool chordal ideas that I utilize. Take your time and try to learn one or two passages at a time. Pretty soon you’ll start mixing and matching some of my ideas with your own!

Jazz Guitar Lesson – Basic Charleston Rhythm: Demonstration

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The Charleston rhythm is based on the great J.P. Johnson classic of the same name. I strongly advise that you listen to a recording of this piece and practice playing along with it. It’s a lot of fun and you will find that the rhythm is very compelling and infectious! Most of the recordings are taken at a pretty brisk tempo so fortunately for you, you can use this lesson to play along slowly with me! Take your time and be sure to follow my tips for playing this essential jazz guitar rhythm.

Jazz Guitar Lesson – Blues for Two: Live: Full Performance

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They say that the proof is in the pudding, and I believe this performance demonstrates the value of all of the different concepts/techniques that you will learn in this course. A big thank you to my rhythm section for this performance: Chris Enghauser on bass, and Akira Tana on drums. Enjoy!

Digging these free lessons? Check out Mimi Fox’s full course, Jazz Song Practice Playbook.