Hello thrill seekers – do you think you have it in you to be the next Certified Guitar Player? You can take a swing at it here by learning to play Tommy Emmanuel’s “Hope Street” taught by none other than the man himself. Tommy will first perform the song for you, then break it down note-for-note, paying special attention to the techniques needed to get you up to speed. Take your time with the videos, and before you know it, you’ll have the song under your fingers!

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Hope Street: Introduction

I’m going to play a newer song of mine, “Hope Street”, written on the road. Hope Street is the name of the main street in Liverpool where I was staying and played at the Philharmonic Hall.

I had been touring England, and we’d been watching the George Harrison documentary, Living in a Material World by Martin Scorsese. George and his story, what he did and who he was, inspired me so much, so I wrote this song. When I got into Liverpool and saw the street sign, there was the name of my song! So, here it is.

Hope Street: Wide Performance

Hope Street: Tri Performance

Hope Street: Left Hand 1 Breakdown

Hope Street: Left Hand 2 Breakdown

Hope Street: Right Hand Breakdown

Hope Street: Tri Breakdown

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