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Last, but not least – the final installment of this Video Blog! I’m playing a simple, but powerful funkified strumming pattern that works beautifully in any funk, soul or funk-rock groove. The chords are a G13 and C9. We start with a single bass note hit and then move into a 16th note pattern of 4 notes. The pattern has a good amount of ‘chik-skratch’, a slide and I’ve added a couple of bluesy fills. Play around with moving all these different funky condiments around at different places in the progression. Feel free to ‘freely feel this one, or if you like – you can try counting. As you’ll see, I sometimes have a hard time with the numbers!

Rule of ‘funk’ – less is definitely more! Try it.

Thanks for watching, listening and playing along with me in this series! I look forward to hearing from you!

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