There are things that every guitarist should know, and how to play jazz is one of them. While jazz guitar is notoriously challenging, Bruce Arnold shows the beginner just how rewarding hard work can be, in Jazz Guitar for Beginners. As director of the Summer Guitar Intensive at New York University, Bruce Arnold has developed a hands on introduction to jazz; from tuning the guitar, to hearing jazz – and ultimately – to playing jazz. This course is designed for newcomers to guitar and for those who want a core understanding of the jazz form.

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Jazz Textures by Christopher Woitach

It’s often the case that, as a jazz guitarist in an ensemble, you’ll find yourself without much backup when it’s time to solo – much less when you’re performing solo. This is where Jazz Textures comes in; 216 minutes of instruction on how to accompany your own solo improvisations. The course creator, Christopher Woitach, is a performing jazz guitarist and composer who brings his command of the guitar and his imaginative ideas as a soloist to full mast in this course. If you’re looking to step up from good to great with your jazz soloing, then step right up to this course.

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Jazz Up Your Blues by Frank Vignola

Another reason to throw your guitar stand onto the bonfire in thanks to the guitar gods, (in the event that you might never put your guitar back down…): Jazz Up Your Blues. This super targeted course, aimed at injecting large doses of soul and groove into your improv playing, was designed by Frank Vignola – one of the most accomplished, multi-dimensional players walking the planet today. Boasting 42 videos that cover essential vocabulary, technique, and improvisational insight, your family might never see you again.

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Modern Jazz Improv by John Stowell

If your idea of “jazz improv” is thumbed octave runs and the diatonic scale, think again. As John Stowell’s latest course, Modern Jazz Improv proves; we’ve all got a lot to learn about jazz. Stowell, world renowned as one of the most original players on the scene, has put together a master class in single line improvisation and substitutions that will yield immediate results, but can take several years to fully absorb and master. Simply put: this course is not for the faint of heart.

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