Guitars are like potato chips. You can’t have only just one. But you also need the accessories to play well and keep your gear in tip-top shape. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just picked up a new Strat or you’re an experienced player. They can up your game in so many ways.

Many things are must-haves to ramp up your performance and build your playing skills. Considering that the average cost for an electric guitar is over $500, guitar accessories are worth the investment. Fortunately, you can find everything you need on Amazon. You can also find them at affordable prices. Things like guitar tuners, string winders, and tools put you more in control of maintenance, whereas others expand your range.

1. Korg TM60BK Tuner and Metronome Combo

The Korg TM60BK Tuner and Metronome Combo tops our list because you can’t play well unless you’re in tune. We love the versatility of it. The tuner function is fantastic and responds quickly. The metrodome bit is an excellent way to teach you rhythm. It may seem like an old-school practice, but it’s a necessary one, especially if you play in a band. It’ll help you develop your musician’s ear to play better.

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2. GIGmate Tool Kit

The GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit has you covered, whether you’re changing strings or doing component upgrades. You can think of guitars like cars. The more repairs you can do for yourself, the more money you’ll save. You can find so many parts online that it makes it a no-brainer to have the tools to finish the job. You can also make customizations to suit your playing style.

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3. ChromaCast Folding A-Frame Stand

The ChromaCast Folding A-Frame Stand is just what you need to keep your guitar handy and secure in its place. The lock is a welcome feature, especially if you have pets. It’ll keep it in place despite the activity in your home. Besides, guitars are so beautiful. A stand gives you a way to show off their craftsmanship. We like putting them next to our favorite chair to remind us to practice every day.

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4. D’Addario Auto Lock Guitar Strap

We all know about calluses. You don’t have to play long before your fingers are screaming. The same thing applies to your arms. A guitar doesn’t weigh a lot, typically under 10 pounds. However, it can feel like a ton after a while. That makes a strap a must-have. The auto-lock feature makes sure it stays at the right size without having to readjust it every time you put it on your back.

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5. Fender Professional 10′ Instrument Cable

When you want the best, you go to the pros. Nothing says it better than Fender. Having cables expands your reach to connect to your amp. If you want to expand your range of effects, you must have extras on hand. These cables come in a range of sizes to make sure you have the one you need, whether you’re hooking up to your speaker or a mic.

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6. BOSS RC-1 Loop Station & Distortion Guitar Pedal

The BOSS RC-1 Loop Station & Distortion Guitar Pedal is an excellent way to practice with loops between sessions with your group. The recording time is decent for an extended time. If you’re into classic rock, the pedal is a must-have. The versatility of effects is amazing, making it well worth the cost. Pedals are an excellent way to expand your range and develop your personal style.

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7. VOX Classic Rock Guitar Headphone Amplifier

The VOX Classic Rock is an excellent comprise if you want to jam without someone calling the cops on you. Just hook up a pair of headphones or earbuds to rock on in the free world. Of course, VOX is a leader in the industry. It only makes sense to segue your solo game to this manufacturer. Your roommates and neighbors will thank you.

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8. D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System

If you have an acoustic guitar, then the D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System is an essential accessory to protect your investment. The automation makes it a no-brainer. The thing is that you must protect your guitar during the winter months when humidity levels can dip under 40 percent. This product will protect cracking and keep the wood from splitting.

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9. Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered

It won’t take long for you on the guitar forums to stumble upon one of the best ways to hone your skills than Rocksmith. It’s an excellent way to get started playing in a fun way that reinforces learning. You’ll find it in for X-box, PlayStation, or PC/MAC versions. The song selection is excellent to help you dip your toes into a lot of different styles.

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10. Yamaha Hard Case Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case

The Yamaha Hard Case Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case will protect your instrument and give you a place to set up the humidifier that we discussed earlier. The case is well-constructed and built to last. It also has lots of storage space to make it an even better purchase. It’s one purchase that it’s worth kicking in a bit more.

Bonus: The Gator Cases Deluxe Electric Guitar Case is the one you need if you have a Telecaster or Strat to protect. It’s a well-made case that will give your instrument a comfortable place to live in between sessions. It’ll prevent dust and other debris from wreaking havoc on your guitar.

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Final Thoughts

Popping for some guitar accessories is an excellent way to protect your instrument. It’ll safeguard your guitar against the things that can zap the life out of your investment. They can also make you a better player by expanding your effects to play like your favorite artists. That’s what makes the guitar such a fantastic instrument. It’s versatile with so much to offer.

Accessories fall into two camps. Some expand your range as a musician. Others protect your instrument against the elements. Either way, they are necessary. Advances in technology have expanded their versatility to your benefit.