There is nothing like personalizing your setup with some killer (or cute) guitar accessories. Add some style to your sound with all kinds of different straps, strings and goodies to make your guitar set up one that reflects you as an artist.

Reverb is great place to find all sorts of trinkets and toys that can really make it a little more fun to pick up that guitar and rock out. Let’s have a look at 10 of our favorite straps, strings and other guitar accessories you can pick up on – right now!

Kaces GigPak Acoustic Guitar Bag

GigPak has got your back, as they say. This gig bag has an internal organizer hidden within its zippered front pocket, making it easier to organize your sheet music, tabs, lyrics, notes – whatever it is you keep in there! It also comes with a nice Velcro stash pocket – which can be handy for all sorts of situations that guitarists seem to find themselves in. Gigpak has really thought about their end-user here, making this gig bag a great accessory.

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Pine Tree 15’ USA Made Cable

A patch cord may not seem like such an exciting accessory to feature on our top 10 list. However, for the audio-savvy guitarists who may be reading, these are genuinely exciting.

These cables from Pine Tree Audio feature individually housed internal cabling – which is why you see three cables braided together, rather than the usual one. This prevents the feedback and audio interference that happens inside of normal patch cables, giving a clear, noise-free signal. Not just a patch cord after all!

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GuitarGrip Silver Guitar Hanger

If you would rather something a little more fun than your traditional guitar hanger, consider the GuitarGrip. This is an awesome style – it is styled as a hand that is reaching out of the wall, making it perfect for metal lovers and guitar collectors who would like something different. It features a cushioned insert to protect your guitar neck and padded felt at the base to protect the wall from damage. It also swivels to adjust to almost every type of headstock. These guitar hangers are sweet – pick one up on

Guitar Accessories Bundle

If you just picked up your first guitar, but are lacking the accessories you need to get it tuned up and jamming, then this bundle has got your back. This bundle of guitar accessories features a Palmer guitar capo, a fender string winder, a pick and a 10’ cable. 

Let’s face it, we can’t all buy our first guitar new from a shop. Sometimes we need to do a little legwork to get playing, so with that in mind, this guitar accessories bundle will get you up to speed in no time. For just over $30, this bundle won’t break the bank either, perfect for those just trying to get playing.

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Brivata Guitar Straps

What better guitar accessory is there to show off your style than a Brivata guitar strap? These premium guitar straps come in all sorts of different styles, colors, and patterns. If you’ve ever ordered a shot at the bar by holding your finger across your upper lip, check out their moustache-patterned straps. 

Burt Reynolds would be proud! For those army brats playing on the base, the camouflaged strap should fit you in nicely. Is London calling? Pick up The Londoner – full of union jacks, umbrellas and double-decker busses for a posh touch of class.

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Ernie Ball Super Slinky Guitar Strings

These guitar strings from the namesake of American guitar-maker legend Ernie ball. He was an entrepreneur in California who founded the Music Man brand of guitars. They are both a world-famous and hidden gem of a company – only true guitarists are really aware of them. 

In the 60s, he developed the Slinky brand of guitar strings to help newer players who were having a hard time holding down stiff strings. These strings went on to become one of the most popular brands of guitar strings and you can pick some up on

Bootlegger Guitar Electric Guitar Cover Sock

That’s right, it’s a sock for your electric guitar. These are a pretty simple product, for just over $20. They are, as the name implies, socks that are designed to work with guitar hangers. They provide an added level of protection for the neck where the guitar is hung, and also serve as a dust cover. A great idea for collectors who may not get to play every day.

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Alice, 10 PCs Capo

How much can we say about a guitar capo? These ones, from Alice, are plastic and come in 5 different colors including blue, green, purple, pink and yellow. They are a slightly different design that uses a clip and teeth in a mechanism similar to that of zip-tie, rather than a spring to hold the strings tight. They ship worldwide for about $20 and make a great accessory for those guitarists looking for a cost-effective splash of color to play those higher keys with.

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Crea-Re Custom Handmade Eco Guitar Bag

Ever had an idea for an awesome guitar case that you knew you would never find? Well, as it turns out dreams do come true – for guitar case designers that is. For just under $500 you can have a custom, handmade Eco guitar bag that is made from the best materials. They use straps, and high-quality components to protect your guitar from the harsh elements that come with gigging, traveling and tours from Crea-Re.

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Closure Latch and Key for Guitar Case

If you don’t have a few hundred dollars to throw at a new guitar case, it can be very helpful to buy components and get your old one working again. On Reverb, you can actually buy the draw bolt closure latch for your old guitar case. It comes with a lock and key, and at under $10, it is a far more economical way to get your old faithful guitar case back on the road. 

These are made for mounting on flush-fitting surfaces, so if the hinges are shot, you may still need a new case. That being said, these latches are great for repairs to guitar cases, and other musical cases and boxes. Big or small, custom or basic, you can find anything you need on Reverb when it comes to guitar accessories.