Whether you need distortion, twang, or the cleanest sound possible, Reverb.com has got some great options for your guitar amp needs. Let’s have a look at some of the 10 best guitar amps up on Reverb right now.

Limited Edition Blackstar FLY3NSEYL 3-Watt Mini Guitar Amp

Starting things off a little funky – this mini amp makes a fantastic little practice amp for those who might not have the most supportive of neighbors. It is styled in limited edition neon yellow and does a little better than just the basics. 

This nifty 3W amplifier has the mandatory clean and overdrive channels and even a built-in digital tape delay effect. As for tonal control, this portable amp has an infinite shape feature (ISF). ISF allows the player tone sculpting control. Aside from that, it offers volume, gain, EQ (which is the ISF), delay level and delay time controls as well as an overdrive switch. Not bad for 3 Watts!

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Fender Reissue Blues Deluxe 1×12” Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Here is a must-have for any guitarist who loves the warmth that only a tube amp can bring. This 40-watt amp has enough volume to gig with and shapes their signature sound. This amp is perfect for players of one of the most guitar-centric genres that exist: the blues. 

Blues, rock and country players alike stand to love the control and character that is offered by this amp from one of the best-known names in the guitar industry, Fender. The design features a single 12” cone, making this ideal for traveling, while still being large enough to entertain a crowd. This classic amp comes in at about $1000 on Reverb.

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Orange Crush 35RT 35W 1×10” Guitar Combo Amp

From one of the most recognizable brands in guitar amps comes a combo amp that is slightly smaller than the Fender noted above, but it more than holds its own. This 35W amp is the largest and most feature-abundant model in the crush series from Orange. This amp features a 3 band EQ, giving ample frequency and tonal control, as well as a fully buffered effects loop. 

This along with built-in reverb and chromatic tuner mean this amp packs a versatile punch. It is built with a Custom 10” Voice of the World speaker. These amps are capable of a wide array of sounds and Orange amps have been used by everybody from Jimmy Page to Jim Root of Slipknot.

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Yamaha THR10II Amp -20W (Dual 10Ws)

For those spaced-out guitarists who really like to get out of this world is a digital modeling amp from Yamaha. This is a digital amp that is made to sound like a tube amp, and while there is some debate over whether it accomplishes that: its character is undeniable. This amp comes loaded with digital effects.

One knob you can articulate around time-based effects, like chorus, flanger, phaser. On another knob, its spacial – echoes and reverbs. This is a great amp not only for guitarists but for sound designers as well. The Yamaha THR10II makes a fantastic addition to any experimentalist’s collection without a doubt.

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Fender Blues Jr. Lacquered Tweed Combo Tube Guitar Amp

If experimentation isn’t your thing or you are just in the mood for something a little more down to earth – the fender Blues Jr. Lacquered tweed might be for you. These amps are – as the ad states “vintage tone machines!”. 

Without a doubt, most blues players who know their amps will be drooling over these incredibly warm, rich soulful purveyors of some of the finest tones known only– well, mostly by the south. With 3 12AX7’s and a pair of EL48s’s powering a Jensen 12” C12-N speaker and a genuine fender spring reverb, you won’t find anything that sounds quite like this amp.

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Kala Mini 5W Amp

Just for kicks, this mini tweed amp is fantastic for practicing and jamming everywhere. It has gain treble and bass knobs, allowing for some basic tonal control and it looks very done up in tasteful tweed. You can power it with two 9V batteries meaning it is truly portable, and at 5 watts, it isn’t the smallest amp you can buy, nor is it the quietest. These mini amps make it easy to travel and keep on top of your practice, or hash out new ideas in the back of the tour bus.

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1964 Premier Model 100R Tube Amp with Reverb and Tremolo

If twang is your thang, then you need one of these incredibly nostalgic amps. It comes with the original reverb and tremolo which are controlled by a footswitch. There really aren’t any words that can take you back to the era of spaghetti westerns and country music like that tremolo can. Those who love this sound, love it a lot. This tube amp sells for just under $2K.

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Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb 2×12” 200-Watt Amp

Here comes something that is a little bigger and louder. Always well represented in the guitar domain, Fender takes in this spot on the top 10 for its industry standard, all-purpose 200-watt amp. Popular among rock guitarists and yet usable by any player of the electric guitar.

This digital amp features 2 12” Jensen N-12K speakers giving it some serious volume capability. As the name suggests it features a digital reverb as well as a 3 band EQ 
and tremolo effect so this solid-state DSP modeling amp has some range of sound.

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Orange Micro Dark 20w Hybrid Amp Head

This micro amp head gives gigging guitarists a surprising amount of gain from a package that fits easily into your gig bag. Featuring 12AX7 powering the preamp, it is possible to get a huge amount of volume from this hybrid valve, solid state amp head, making this pound for pound, one of the most useful amplifiers a guitarist can own.

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Bad Cat Classic Cat R 20-Watt 1×12” Combo

One final entrant to the 1×12” combo category (pun intended) is the Bad Cat Classic Cat R 20. This boutique amplifier is powered by matched 6V6 tubes and 12AY7 preamp tubes and a tube rectifier, making this tube city.

This is all fed into Bad Cat’s specially designed 12: Celestion V30 speaker. This amp produces some of the most convincing vintage American amp sounds that are available from such a powerful modern amplifier. This is a great all-purpose amp and it is LOUD too. From folk to death metal, this amp will serve well.

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