When you have a musician in your life, finding gifts for them may be pretty daunting, especially if you are not musical yourself. Cliche gifts litter guitar stores with guitar-shaped ice cube trays, guitar-shaped spatulas, or guitar-shaped coffee mugs. People meet such gifts with gimmicky with an awkward but polite smile and then set them aside and forgot them forever.

What you want are guitar gifts that are relevant and useful to your musician friend or loved one.

If you’re wondering where to start, here’s a list of great gifts that guitarists can genuinely appreciate.
These ten options vary according to the level of expertise (beginners to pros), prices (from under $10 to over $250), and applications (practice and maintenance).

Basic items that every guitarist should already have did not make the list, like guitar straps, strings, and tuners. Have a look at the top 10 guitar gifts you can buy on Reverb right now.

Whitaker Leather Guitar Pick Key Chain

This handmade leather keychain can hold guitar or bass picks, or even small change, and comes in brown, light brown, or black. It’s a 100% real leather product, plus you can get three letters or initials branded onto your piece.

If you have any particular specifications, write them down in your order notes, and your keychain will match it. This is a handy gift for guitarists because picks can quite easily get lost or misplaced, so it’s super convenient to have them all right next to your keys.

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Flanger Pick Maker

One great way to make a guitar or bass pick on the go is using a punch or stapler-style pick maker, like this one from Flanger. It can easily cut through hard plastic cards, so you can recycle old credit cards and gift cards too.

The package includes the Flanger plectrum cutter, one plastic card for testing the device, and a piece of sandpaper to smoothen the pick’s edges. It’s a thoughtful guitar gift to replace lost or misplaced guitar picks.

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D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System for Guitars

Any guitarist will tell you that humidity is a major concern when storing their instruments, and particularly for traveling musicians who encounter all kinds of weather and climates. This humidity solution from D’Addario can protect your instruments from cracking, warping, and other damage which comes from too dry or too wet conditions.

How it works: place one Humidipak in your guitar case, and once it becomes firm, replace it with a refill. Each Humidipak lasts between 2 and 6 months, so this makes for a long-lasting guitar gift.

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Music Nomad String Fuel Cleaner and Lubricant

Finger noise is a common problem for guitar players who want a clean, seamless sound from their instruments. Music Nomad String Fuel is just that, a mildly scented oil-based solution that cleans and lubricates the guitar strings so you can slide your fingers easily and play faster and easier.

It’s safe for any type of fretboard finish and comes with a large applicator that moves smoothly over all the strings at once.

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Small Guitar Chords Cheatsheet

This handy guitar chord cheat sheet could give your guitarist the extra push they need to start and keep playing music. It comes with a fun set of exercises that will get them started fast.

It’s a small 4×6-inch laminated card printed on both sides in an easy-to-read grid format. Of all guitar gifts for beginners, this cheat sheet is a great motivator to keep on playing.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction Guitar T-Shirt

This “Weapons of Mass Destruction” t-shirt is only one of several guitar-themed clothing from Guitar Addicts Anonymous (GAA) Apparel that you can buy from Reverb. Not just t-shirts but hoodies and accessories can help guitarists build a collection of witty slogans in their wardrobe.

You cannot go wrong with GAA clothing, which is available in all sizes and made from great quality fabrics that will last for years.

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StewMac All Tools + Polish

A traveling guitarist will find the StewMac cleaning kit priceless. In one compact package, the kit contains microfiber cloths for catching dust and lint, textured cloths for removing stubborn dirt, a stiff brush, and a soft brush, cleaning swabs.

Additionally, there are detailing and scratch-removing solutions for keeping your guitar in pristine condition.

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Guitar Neck Rest Support Tool

Sometimes replacing guitar strings can be a pain if the guitar neck is unsteady or unsupported. A small tool like this guitar neck rest can make string changes much more manageable.

The rest groove is felt product to prevent scratching, and the rest of the tool consist of mahogany and cork to offer lightweight but steady support. The anti-slip sticker attaches to the base to stabilize your instrument when replacing or cleaning the strings.

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Xotic Effects Wah Guitar Pedal

The guitar “wah” is a pretty distinct sound that reminds us of classic rock-and-roll, blues, and reggae music. There are plenty of wah guitar pedals in the market today, but the Xotic Effects XW-1 is our favorite. It’s super versatile and gives you an unlimited range of sounds and controls.

For such a simple design, the Xotic wah pedal gives a smooth, clean voice that you can tweak to precisely what you want. This is one of those guitar gifts that will improve a player’s repertoire almost overnight and last a lifetime.

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BeatBuddy MINI 2 Hands Free Drummer Pedal

The BeatBuddy Mini 2 by Singular Sound is simply a rhythm box that produces drum beats to accompany your guitar session. It’s helpful if your band drummer is unavailable, or even for composing new music. 

The beats in Mini 2 include 9 drum sets, 24 genres, and 200 drumming styles. The BeatBuddy Mini 2 is a great little device that makes out the top 10 list of guitar gifts today.

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The best guitar gifts are ones that come from understanding what your loved ones mind. Before you head to buy a guitar bundle for your loved one, first make sure they already commit to the instrument. Buy them gifts that they will appreciate and not just something that clutters their house. From the beginner to the collector, Reverb aims to offer various high-quality musical instruments for everyone to help them enjoy music-making and learning even better.