Sometimes life isn’t fair. And in this case, it seems life is totally wrong.

A homeless man, who goes by the name “Mustard”, was invited onto the Opie & Anthony radio show for an interview pertaining to a “homeless shopping spree” promotion, and during their chat it came up that Mustard could sing and play the guitar. The man does not even own a guitar, so the radio guys found him one, and he proceeded to absolutely blow their minds. Ours too.

And you are next:

A Radiohead cover, “Creep”

An original song, “Last Time”

The circumstances of Mustard’s homelessness are unknown to us, but there is no reason that a man with this kind of talent should be struggling on the streets while “artists” like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga are touring the world making millions. We wish the best to Mustard and hope these videos, which have already been seen by hundreds of thousands, help him find a home and make a living.