As some of you may already know, we have developed a killer iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app for guitarists, including video guitar lessons, tab, and notation — all accessible on the go. We call it TrueFire’s Guitar Lab and it’s totally free. Our goal is to give guitarists access to the best video guitar lessons anywhere, anytime.

The app is free and available for download right now. Our iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad app is a great way to access the ‘Fire around the world, and we’re hoping you’ll dig it!

You should also check out these 7 cool iPhone apps for guitar (they all work on the iTouch, too).

guitar iphone app cleartuneCleartune This $3.99 app is incredibly useful. It’s a visually appealing chromatic instrument tuner and pitch pipe that uses the built-in iPhone mic or external mic on an iTouch 2G (as most relevant apps do). You can use the large “note wheel” display to find your notes, and there’s a fine-tuning display with 25-cent range. It’s precise to +/- 100 semitones and there are even selectable temperaments and notations. You can also select tone waveforms and choose automatic or manual note selection.

guitar iphone app tempoTempo Frozen Ape’s $0.99 app is a metronome with set list and tuner. Another cool looking app, it features tap tempo functionality with 17 different time signatures and 6 rhythm patterns for simple meters and 3 for compound ones. You can use a pulsating LED to flash on the first beat and it can be viewed in Landscape or Portrait. The tempos range from 20 bpm to 250 bpm, and there’s a pitch pipe with 12 chromatic pitches. For sounds, you’ve got 4 sets to choose from including Digital, Analog, Shaker and Rock Kit.

guitar iphone app gtkGuitarToolkit At $9.99, it’s a little pricey (well, for apps) but it does bring it; Aside of the excellent chromatic tuner, you’ve got a library of 500,000 chords (are there that many?), a metronome with flash functionality, a chord finder where you just touch the notes on the virtual fretboard, and scales in standard or alternate tunings. It supports 6- and 12-string guitars as well as 4-, 5- and 6-string bass, mandolin, banjo and even ukulele (with full chord library) — all with standard and alternative tunings.

guitar iphone app fourtrackFourTrack Sonoma Wireworks $9.99 app is a multitrack recorder for iPhone 2.0/ iPod touch 2nd Gen 3.0 that uses the headset/microphone to record 16 bit/44.1 kHz quality audio. You can mix your creations to two new tracks so the count can go above 16 channels. It’s got calibrated meters, faders, pan controls and a built-in compressor-limiter. You can record along with real drum loops, and recordings can be copied via WiFi to any computer with a browser.

guitar iphone app steelguitarSteel Guitar   This free app (for now) from Yonac Software is just a blast to play. You can choose from Lap Steel, Eight-String Console or either traditional Nashville or Texas setups. Moving the iPhone bends notes, and you can use a “pro” mode to manually play a slide bar. It actually sounds pretty cool and you’ll get lost for hours just creating sounds. Same goes for several other Yonac apps like Mandolin and Theremin-ator.

guitar iphone app groovemakerGrooveMaker This free app from IKMultimedia has over 120 loops (113MB of samples) and lets you create electronic dance and hip hop tracks using a built-in sequencer. Even if that’s not your style, it’s useful to practice to the grooves, and you can tap tempos from 78 to 125 bpm. Final mixes can be Wi-Fi’ed as WAV files to your Mac or PC.

guitar iphone app voicememosVoice Memo Okay, so this is not really an app, but it’s built into the iPhone and it’s just plain old useful. You can use the built-in mic to capture your musical ideas on the fly, and then label them for recall later. The mic in the iPhone is actually not too bad. Voice Memo is great for recording those off-the-cuff ideas that might otherwise be lost forever.